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It’s that time of the week for your weekly dose of one of my fabby blog posts 🤣

This one is all about my range! So I’ve decided to show you a few of my products and talk abit about them! To which I do hope you enjoy 🤞

We will start with some of my boys range! Here we have:

Gamer Railway Sign

I wanted to create something quite cool for teen boys ( my son is 14) and this is perfect! These are suitable for all males too… Dads, Uncles, Brothers or even if you have a couple of boys sharing a room. Or perhaps you have a Gaming Room?! This is your sign! With the white text and frame against the black background it just pops don’t you think? Definitely catches your eye. It is the perfect size for doors aswell… measures approximately 40cm wide x 20cm high you also have the choice to add holes or without (you can use command strips if you prefer… command strips are not included)

Mountain Sign

This is one of my absolute favourites for younger boys. It is so cute and I can match to your colour decor too. I wanted to create something for those little cool dudes who have an adventure/explorer themed nursery/bedroom and this one is perfect. There isn’t too much going on which I love andddd you can order it with a geo bear (as shown) or a geo fox & without any. If you had a different animal in mind that you wanted, just pop me a message. Sign measures approximately 25cm. Holes can be added or left without.

Cute Bear Name Sign

How cute is this one! This is a newbie and was launched beginning of this year. I wanted something still cute and this is not only cute for boys but also for girls. I wanted to change the back piece from a normal circle to a scalloped edge and I think it looks super cute & pretty! If you read one of my other blog posts The Design Process then you will have seen the first sketch of the bear and also it being cut! Measures approximately 25cm you can also add holes or leave without.

Woodland Bear Sign

Another favourite for cool dudes! This Woodland Bear Sign has more detail than the Mountain Sign. There are more layers added to this sign, to give it abit more depth and abit of a 3d look. The bear can be changed to a deer (I initially launched this sign with a deer) and both are equally a favourite for sure! Measures approximately 25cm.

Now onto some from my Girls Range. Here we have:

Unicorn & Rainbow Themed Street Sign

This one is simply gorgeous!!! I have to say the colours on this are my absolute favourite, but you can choose your own colours! Sizes vary for these Themed Street Signs depending on how many letters are required. I love this one for girls, all little girls adore magical unicorns & rainbows don’t they!

Unicorn Name Sign

Now this one as you know is my all time favourite! She is my number 1. She is absolutely stunning and so beautiful. I adore this one honestly and I never tire of making this one!

Medal holder

These have become increasingly popular which I am so happy about!! I love this design. I know it’s simple compared to some out there buttt I always say less is more sometimes. And I’m sure you will agree in this case. The wood on this one is nice and strong and will stand the weight of the Medals hanging from them. Which is an absolute must!!! The last thing you want is the wood starting to bend etc when you’ve got a lot of Medals hanging from them. It is not a good look!

Some of my Home & Seasonal range. Here we have:

Autumn is my favourite pumpkin

One of my favourite items are these ‘mucky’ pumpkins! They have been so popular with you since I launched them and they are so quirky! I wanted to create something gorgeous for our homes during the autumn months and this was one of them. Autumn can be changed to fall and also favourite can be changed to USA spelling. Nothing is never a problem so always pop me a message if you’re ever unsure.

Ducks in wellies

Fabulous ducks! You will know from one of my other blog posts that these are my favourite item to make! I just love everything about them and I love making their cute hats too! These can be gifted for any occasion and that’s what I wanted to achieve when I created them!

Grateful, Thankful, Blessed Wooden Jars

These cute Grateful, Thankful & Blessed jars are another favourite. You can add your own wording to them aswell. I launched them with this wording as I am always grateful, thankful and blessed! You are able to choose your own colours too.

Christmas Reindeers

Now you will have seen these ALOT Haha. They are popular and sell out really quick which is not surprising at all. I mean just look at them! I always look forward to getting mine out every Christmas to have them on display. They are absolutely stunning! I wanted to create something that all the family can enjoy, plus paw prints can be added for your family pets!

Festive Cube

I launched these near Christmas last year and I must say you loved them so thank you so much for the orders I received for these!!! I had these drawn for some time and I finally managed to make time to bring my vision to life and just look at it 😍😍 simply gorgeous!!!

I could go on and on about my range Haha but you would be here for hours! All I can say is feel free to browse around the website. These were just a few of my items I chose to show you but honestly, I love every single one I have made over the past 4 years.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post! Feel free to leave any comments below…

Until next week, take care

Hannah xx

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