Believe it, Dream it, Achieve it!

Hello to April!

I don’t know about you but March felt like the longest month everrrrr Haha.

If you follow me on social media you will have seen me with my new machine, but incase you haven’t here it is Haha…

I’m on cloud nine honestly, it was always one of my goals to be able to have my very own machine to cut my own laser designs on wood and acrylic and now I finally have one! I can’t believe it!

I received alot of money unexpectedly and I decided to use it wisely and purchase in full the machine I wanted. I did alot of research on this beauty aswell.

It’s absolutely huge and as you can see from my pic I can’t get the full size of it on the photo!

It’s now a huge part of my business as now everything, and I mean everything is now actually cut right here! No more ordering from a supplier and that is a huge achievement for me. I have worked extremely hard to get to where I am now and my hard work will never stop. This has opened a whole new chapter for me and I am grabbing it with both hands!

So now I can design, cut and hand paint everything right here at Pixies Attic!

It really is such a beautiful machine and I am so thankful and grateful that my dream became a reality. And you know what, it is so true the saying/quote… dream it, believe it, achieve it!

In the 3 years Pixies Attic has been out in the world, it has been such a wonderful journey. To everything I have learnt and the other small businesses I have got to know along the way. I have grown so much as a person and if you have read any of my other blogs there is a particular one about how Pixies Attic started.

One thing I have learnt is that I am always in my own lane. I’m not one for doing the same as everyone else, I have my own style and I’m not one for looking what everyone else is doing. I look at what I’m doing!

There has been times when it has came to my attention that another small business or two have replicated one of my products, and you know what that’s ok! I take it as a compliment, you have to. I have alot of imagination and I am very creative, I don’t have to look or copy another small business! I like to think I am original and unique with my makes.

Alot of time and care goes into each order and I am quite a perfectionist Haha. My confidence has started to grow much more recently as I have alot of returning customers and you know what, that makes my heart fill with so much pride and joy! I am grateful to each and everyone of my customers. I love to build relationships with all of you!

Lots of new designs will be making an appearance so keep your eyes peeled for them, I am sure you will love them!

Here’s my machine in action…

Cutting a Gamer Railway Sign

And this is it completed, it is currently making it’s way to USA…

I absolutely love it Haha. Under ‘Sam’s Cloffice’ extra text was requested to go underneath, as you can see I was able to do it! The best bit was I was able to send a pic to my customer to show her how it would look prior to cutting. As always I like to make sure it’s just right before I start.

Here is the proof pic before cutting…

As you can tell I am absolutely over the moon with it Haha.

Gamer Railway signs are extremely popular for boys, and even for Dads! With Father’s Day not being too far away, these make a perfect gift!!

You can find them here: Gamer Railway Sign

Anyway that’s enough of me waffling on Haha.

Until next time,

Take care & stay safe

Hannah xx

2 thoughts on “Believe it, Dream it, Achieve it!

  1. Well done Hannah, a great achievement and very much a game changer for you. It’s fantastic to see your business growing and it’s a real positive encouragement for other small businesses. We’ll done xx

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