Can you see me?!

Bonjour 👋

Another week is almost complete, definitely ready for the weekend!!! I hope your week has been good to you!

Your weekly dose of my blog is ready for you to read Haha and this one is ‘Can you see me?!’

I will talk more about this 🤣…

Being visible can be quite tricky, especially on social media. Especially my main Facebook page. Of course it is! Why? There’s loads of people and businesses on there Haha. So I shout about my business in other places too!

If you do follow me on Facebook and don’t see me, chances are it’s because you haven’t engaged on my posts so Facebook tends to show you what you interact with. Therefore they will hide me and poof it’s like I’ve disappeared.

Your support is hugely important as like most small businesses, I do rely on my followers to like, comment and share my posts to help me reach more people. Your friends and family may like what I do you never know! However even just a reaction on my posts (ie. Like or a love emoji) is perfect!

Instagram is where alot of you follow me and also where I am found the most which is fabulous!

Here are some ways how you can support my small business, and it doesn’t cost you a single penny 🤗

If you do happen to come across my posts please share some love or find me 🤣🤣 I would really appreciate it 🤗🤗

With that being said, after much consideration I have decided to close my Facebook Group & Facebook Page. As I said above, I do tend to hang out on Instagram.

You are more than welcome to follow me on Instagram as I would love to see you over there! Don’t worry if you don’t have Instagram, you can add yourself to my VIP List & you will receive fabulous updates via email every week!

Some of the VIP perks are (just naming a few):

👉 A welcome discount upon sign up

👉 Free Shipping Codes (these happen randomly)

👉 Exclusive Discount Codes

👉 First look at New Products

👉 First look at ‘Coming Soon’ Products

👉 and much more!!!

To become a VIP click here

To follow me on Instagram click here

Until next week, take care

Hannah xx

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