Christmas in July!


As we have now sprung into July I wanted to talk about… dare I say it 🙈
C H R I S T M A S !

Every year without a doubt, so many of you miss your chance to order my fabulous sets of reindeers! They sell out sooooo quick and are always in high demand!

Reindeers are cut here by my husband on his day off from work so I always keep them available all year so my husband doesn’t get too overloaded Haha.

I tend to close orders in November as I always make sure all orders are delivered to you in good time! Courier & Royal Mail start to get overloaded too and chances are some orders may get delayed or worse case, lost! Anddddd I can’t be having that, Christmas time can be stressful enough when you’re out shopping and things are out of stock. Let alone waiting in for a delivery after you’ve received your dispatch email from me with your tracking details. So I try to cut some of that stress out for you!

The Reindeers are my absolute favourite Christmas decor item! Why? Because they are personalised and are something you can bring out year after year! You can add paw prints too for your pets (I never charge any extra for adding paw prints) however if you have more than two pets I do advise you leave the paw prints blank as I can only fit one pet name on each paw print. Some of my customers have added a child reindeer for their pets. It is completely upto you how you want your set!

Here is a Reindeer set with a paw print
Here is a set with a child reindeer added for your pet

Glitter Antlers…
I have a selection of coloured glitters that you can choose to have. Some choose one colour, whereas some choose different colours for each antlers.

As above I can either match the colour text for the names like the antlers or you can choose a different colour for each name!

These are your sets so you can choose whichever colour you want!

I will add some examples for you to give you some inspiration.

I have lost count how many sets my husband has cut and how many I have worked my magic on!

Every year I dream about these Reindeers Haha I do so many I live and breathe them! I have known my husband to still have glitter on him after a shower so he will have spent the day at work looking all christmassy!

I think out of all my products this is the only item I have ever made myself! I have a set here for us and I always look forward to bringing them out every year. They always make me smile and they look lovely near my fireplace. When the light catches the glitter on the antlers it looks truly magical. They really do add such a beautiful touch to your home during the festive period.

Here is a recent set that has now arrived at it’s new home! Love the purple!

If you’re reading this and you have a set of my fabulous Reindeers then please do leave a comment below I would be so grateful! I can then add it as a review (see below)

If you would love a set for yourself, you can find them here 🛒 Christmas Reindeers

On that note I best get motivated, I have lots of work to do!

Until next time…

Take care & stay safe,

Hannah xx

November 10, 2020

Absolutely love our personalised family off reindeer’s!!! Hannah was so helpful and notified me when item was dispatched
I highly recommend this lovely business,products are amazing and the seller is just lovely
Will definitely buy from here again
Sarah x
@no16thebuttsbungalow xx

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