Ducks in Wellies

I have chosen another one of my most popular items this month as my Product Spotlight… Ducks in Wellies!!!

They really are something else and still so incredibly popular after 3 years.

One of my favourite makes and to be honest I love receiving orders for these because they are just sooo cute. I mean look at them…

Did you know, I make their little bobble hats myself from wool? I do my best to match to the colour you have chosen for their wellies, but to be honest you can choose a completely different colour for them! Which makes it even more fun!

My customers have chosen some amazing colours when they have ordered, and for so many different occasions too…

*Wedding Gift for the Mr & Mrs
*Teacher Gift for that Special Teacher
*New Baby Gift
*Mother’s Day
*Or just because they wanted to treat themselves!

Each Duck comes with a personalised tag, but of course this is optional. Plus a cute bow tied with twine and small wooden hearts just to finish them nicely.

There are 3 different sizes small, medium and large and of course they can be ordered individual too so you don’t have to purchase a full set.

With Mother’s Day approaching (time is going fast too quickly!) they really do make a unique special gift. I do recommend the medium sized duck for Mother’s Day as it is the perfect size and with the personalised tag it truly is something else.

They really are a quirky, fun, unique and special gift!

You can find them all here… Ducks in Wellies

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