End of year Product Spotlight…

Helloooo 👋

Crikey we are getting through December 🙈 I’ve been running around getting presents wrapped as the kiddies finish school & college next week! It’s like a race against time ⏳😅

This blog post is a review of what my best sellers were for this year! The ones I am going to show you are the most I made & sold during 2021…

Do you have any guesses to what they might be?🤔

To be honest, when I was going through my numbers etc I wasn’t at all surprised Haha.

So in first place was my adorable Ducks in Wellies

I am not even surprised Haha, I am sure you will agree they are absolutely fabulous!! Just look how cute they are with their hats (I do make their hats too)

In second place was one of the most beautiful signs I have created and of course, it’s my Unicorn Sign

This is one I am so proud of and it was one of the first ones I recreated using my own flowers, new font etc with my laser machine. I revamped the original one to make it more my style. Andddd I absolutely love it!!

In third place it’s another one that isn’t surprising Haha. Absolutely everyone loves this one for boys 💙 andddd I do love making this one too! The most popular background colour for these Mountain Signs is the deeper blue and it’s just gorgeous!!!

Anddddd in fourth place is no surprise… you see a lot of these on my Instagram feed 🤣

Of course it’s the gorgeous Medal Holders 🏅

You have absolutely loved these this year and I am so grateful to all of you who ordered them with me.

So there you have it, are they the four you thought that would be the most popular? Let me know!

Of course it wasn’t solely those four I sold during 2021 haha however they were the most ordered items of mine. I feel so blessed that you trust me to create some of the most beautiful products just for you so thank you!

I wonder what 2022’s most ordered items will be…

Until next time,

Have a wonderful Christmas!🎄

💕 Hannah xx

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