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Hope you’re all keeping well!

It’s getting to that time of year where I will be closing for Christmas (seems to be fast approaching) so I thought this blog post would be perfect to show you some of my new items that I have created. You may have seen them on my social media, but for those of you who haven’t they’ll be all over this post 🤣 butttt if you have already seen them, then you’ll get to see & read all about them again Haha.

Hmmm which one to start with 🤔

Ooooh I know, definitely the Christmas Log Slice Hangies 🎄

They are available in sets of 4 @ £10.95 and you can choose which you would like in your set plus choose your ribbon colour 🦌

I wanted to create some fun font style ones and I have to say I am so pleased with how they turned out! They are pretty lightweight so they won’t make your branches on your Christmas tree droop! No one likes a droopy branch!

Next up is one of my favourites for sure!!! The fabulous Festive Christmas Cube 🎄

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ (you may have just sung that as you read it haha I know I did! 🎶)

This will certainly bring some more festive feels into your home this Christmas 🎄

Cube measures 10cm
Has a pretty good weight to it aswell andddd these would look rather fabulous on trays, risers, tiered trays or your fireplace even!

Another one I absolutely love is this beautiful Wooden Stack

Perfect for risers or trays during the festive season 🎄🎄

I absolutely love them!

Lastly is this… Heart with Angel Wings

This one is the last of my new items.

For me personally I will have this on show all year, not just for Christmas. However this year I will place this on our Christmas Tree, and then it will be in my home all year on display close by.

The main reason I created this was because recently my dad passed away in September and I wanted to make something for me to have and keep close by me.

It was the first time we cut acrylic on my laser and I am so pleased with the detail on the engraved angel wings. It truly is so beautiful.

What I love about this design and also the material is that it can be placed outside aswell, especially if you have a little memorial garden or even something to place at your loved ones grave.

I know something like this doesn’t make things any easier believe me I know, but for me it’s gave me that little bit of comfort and will be cherished very much.

I truly hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post & I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my new items. I would love to know which is your favourite, feel free to leave a comment at the end of this blog post 💕

Please make a note of the last order date – 21st November 2021. I will be reopening after Christmas.

Until next time,

take care,

Hannah xx

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  1. Love love love them all!! The Festive cube is absolutely gorgeous, I managed to order one of these just in time before you closed. Thank you so much

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