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First off I’m just wanting to say how hot has it been?! I wish I had air con throughout my house Haha. The heat has certainly made it harder for me walking up that hill after I’ve taken Freya to school! Crikey haha.

I’m not sure if you have seen but I recently launched a new item which is perfect for birth announcements for both baby girls and baby boys! It’s a Hot Air Balloon and it is super super cute!!!

Baby’s birth details are added onto the clouds along with little ones name. It is so dreamy! I really really love this item.

When I posted it on my social media, the love I received for it was incredible so it was only right to dedicate June’s Monthly Spotlight to this beauty!

As you can see there are some pretty flowers added, this works well for baby boys too. The flower looks especially sweet on the bow!

There are quite a few colours to choose from too which is fantastic, plus this Hot Air Balloon is cut on my machine right here at Pixies Attic! Every single item I have is handmade from start to finish right here! How awesome is that?!

I’d love to know what you think about this Brand New Hot Air Balloon, feel free to leave me a comment below πŸ₯°

I had this Hot Air Balloon for a while as I just love them! When one of my returning customers asked me if I had anything for a birth announcement gift I showed her my Hot Air Balloon as I had been dying to start work on one! The lovely Wendy told me colours and gave me little ones details and I got to work creating something absolutely beautiful! And of course, as you can see, the finished result is absolutely stunning! I am truly happy with how pretty it turned out. It is exactly how I pictured it and more!!

Anyway that’s enough of me babbling haha but I hope you enjoyed this blog post πŸ’–

You can find the Hot air Balloon here…

πŸ›’ Hot Air Balloon

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Until next time, Stay safe & take care…

Hannah xx

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