How I get Pixies Attic organised

Howdi πŸ‘‹

Another week, another dose of the blog πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

So for this week’s blog post is all about How I get Pixies Attic organised…

It’ll be a general run down of how my days go! I like to think I am very organised Haha especially this year! Last year I was abit all over but I set my intentions in December 2021 that 2022 was going to be organised!!! Andddd **drum roll please*** I am πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Day to day is generally different but there are things that I do religiously every single day! They are:

🌸 Check & reply to my emails & messages

🌸 Check orders that have came in and print them off ready to cut on the laser

🌸 Post content onto my socials, Instagram & Pinterest

🌸 Post onto my Google my Business account

🌸 Reply to comments left on my social media accounts

They are pretty much what I do daily without fail, once I’ve done those I can get on with my day ie cutting orders, painting orders, photographing orders and wrapping & dispatching orders. Oh and dropping finished orders at the courier point.

I have set days where I do those other bits I mentioned above. Some are on a weekly basis, some are on a monthly basis.

Weekly these are the things I do:

🌸 Gather research and plan some new designs

🌸 Create my images that I post on social media (the ones with my branding colours etc, I use Canva)

🌸 Have a look at my social media data to make sure I’m putting my posts out there around the times my followers are active. (Otherwise I am talking to myself 🀣)

🌸 Edit & Timelapse videos of my laser cutting

🌸 Sort my social media posts for the week

🌸 Have a meeting with myself (sounds weird I know but it has to be done!)

🌸 Write my blog posts on a Thursday so it’s ready to publish for you to read on Fridays.

🌸 Write my newsletter for my email subscribers

🌸 Make time to do some sample cuts of some new designs that are in the pipeline

There is so much more but this blog would go on and on and on for ages!

Monthly jobs tend to be bringing my accounts upto date! I generally do this on the first of every month. I like everything in order because once I’m able to submit my self assessment I do it straight away!

I am quite organised as I actually have a timetable of what days I do what. I like to know what I am doing and when. I work when the children are at school so I have to be disciplined to make sure things get done. Otherwise it is chaos 🀣

As for housework… I have The Organised Mum app and I do that 🀣🀣

How do you keep yourself organised?

Hannah xx

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