How it all began…

Bonjour all!

I thought I’d do something abit different & write a post about how Pixies Attic all started! I get asked quite abit so it made sense to get typing and tell alllll..

Grab yourself a cuppa Haha.

Pixies Attic all started from my kitchen a few years ago. At the time Freya was just 3, I was also suffering with depression & anxiety. It was absolute hell if I’m honest. Looking back I don’t know how I got through my long days at home (days felt like an eternity), too scared to answer the door, go outside and put gas on the meter. It was awful.

Did I go to the doctors? No. Did I speak to anyone about it? Not really.

I sort of brushed it off and thought the way I was feeling would just go away on it’s own. And eventually as time went on I got better…

To be honest, I was not myself for awhile after having Freya. That’s when the anxiety crept back and also the depression that I thought I’d seen the back of after I had my first daughter (18 years ago now) but nope it was back. However this time I had support and that is what made things completely different! (I’ll speak about that more another time!)

Back onto how Pixies Attic was born Haha although it is all connected lol.

So… one day I decided to keep my mind busy to give me something to do. That’s when I turned my attention to making a little Fairy Door!

Honestly I really enjoyed painting it, I was completely in my element with paint, glitters and pretty gem embellishments! And you know what, it gave my head a rest from all the overthinking, worrying and fretting all the time! It then became an addiction but a blooming good one!! I made some more fairy doors… and then a friend asked for one and then more wanted me to make some for their children! I couldn’t believe it!!! They actually wanted my fairy doors Haha.

Honestly I was blown away! Ahem… excuse the photos ok was a while ago now Haha

Obviously money was going to be exchanged so I got myself registered with HMRC and created a facebook page thinking this is just going to be a short term thing lol but how wrong was I!! My little business has thrived ever since!

It might sound completely ridiculous and silly but Pixies Attic saved me in a way. Everything came to me at the right time, I needed it.

As mums (and even dads) we are so busy, looking after our little darlings. Then everything else, housework, laundry cooking etc we have little time to do something just for us, something for us to enjoy. I never managed to ever have a relaxing soak in the bath in peace Haha or go for a wee in peace EVER. I’m amazed at how my husband can go to the bathroom undisturbed?!

I know we are all busy with our children etc but what I’m trying to say is when you are constantly feeling like you are stuck on a hamster wheel overthinking everything, paranoid, feeling like I’m going to have a heart attack when in fact it’s actually a panic attack and you are terrified. It’s scary it really is. Having that on top of your normal day to day is absolutely exhausting!!! It really takes it out of you.

I needed Pixies Attic and I’ve worked soooo hard you wouldn’t believe! Come January 6th 2021, my little business turns 3 years old. 3 years old!!! I cannot believe it. I feel like I am on cloud 9 as I am still amazed that you love my items. Sounds daft maybe Haha but I lacked so much confidence and was so scared to put myself out there to show you my items. I’m glad I did and still do. I truly appreciate each order that I receive.

I don’t want to go on too much but if you’ve got this far, thank you so much for taking the time to read this xx

You are all amazing xx

Until next time… take care & stay safe,

Hannah xx

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