It takes a little time…

Howdi 👋

Hope you’ve all had a good week so far?!

It’s been a busy one here and I’ve managed to find some time on this Thursday evening to write another fabby blog post!

This one is all about ‘time’ ⏰⏳

Pixies Attic started 4 years ago and I’ll be honest with you it has flown Haha. I have learnt so much in 4 years and there is still more to learn and knowledge to gain. It hasn’t been plain sailing the whole time however it has been an amazing journey.

I learnt alot ‘on the job’ so to speak… things like making sure my paint work was 1000% using the right paints, glue, glitter & wood. Alot of time was spent tracking down the best supplier where I can buy my wood in bulk. Same as my boxes to send parcels in, box filler, courier etc. Alot of time was spent doing my research. And believe me that can be quite time consuming 🙈 Even packing orders, that can take alot of time. All my boxes are flat packed so I have to make each box up and add the filling inside. For example, if I have 10 boxes to make and fill that can take upto 1 hour!

As time went on I am alot quicker at completing items and one of the main reasons I am now quicker is because I now have my own laser machine so I don’t have to wait for a supplier to cut them and send them to me now 😅 It has made things soooo much easier!

I like to think I am organised in regards to time and how it is spent. I have a schedule/routine and I have alot of lists 🤣 I generally do most of my work while the kids are at school however I do work the odd weekend especially if I have alot of orders to complete.

I remember when my turnaround time to complete orders was about 4-5 weeks 🙈 now thankfully I’ve got it down to 2 weeks which is a huge achievement! But I think that’s because I’ve been doing it for so long, I know what I’m doing and once I start I get a nice rhythm going 🤣

When I’m not working on orders, I am generally doing my accounts and creating posts for my social media etc. Or I am sat scribbling down some new ideas for products or having a doodle to see how they would look. I research ALOT and all of this does take time. There is alot to do. And on Thursday evenings I write my blog posts ready for you to read on a Friday…

When I am not working, I spend my time with my family. I like to be present and I’m always in the house pottering around Haha. On an evening I’m generally in my pjs on the sofa with my snuggle blanket nodding off by 9pm 🤣

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks blog post 🤞

Until next week,

take care…

Hannah xx

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