It’s all about those hands!

Hello my loves!

Welcome back to my blog!👋 Hope you’re doing ok?! I hope you’ve been keeping well.

For this blog installment I decided to give abit more of an insight into my work so to speak Haha. To be honest I have decided to write quite a few blog posts which will give you more insight into my work stuff which I truly hope you will enjoy 🤞 kind of like #meetthecreator

‘It’s all about those hands’ is basically because everything is done with my hands 🤣 minus the laser cutting of course Haha. Butttt my husband does cut alot of my freestanding items on his machine for me on his day off from work bless him 🤗 He is a good egg 😉

I actually lose count how many times I actually touch one item. Honestly. Whether it’s sanding, painting, weeding vinyl & attaching it or wrapping etc you name it my hands are on them 🙈

My hands generally always have dried paint on them or glue or sometimes they are sore from sanding items down. They go through alot my hands do Haha. (Although it’s definitely all worth it!)

I would have posted a photo of my hands however it’s evening as I am writing this andddd to be honest I forgot to take a pic of them 🙈 I don’t take photos of my hands 🤣

On a personal note, I don’t tend to wear nail varnish or treat myself to have a manicure because I don’t see the point 🤣 unless I’m going on a night out which is rare!

I actually could do with a really nice hand cream so if you have any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it 🙏

If you do happen to be able to recommend any hand creams, please comment on this blog post or alternatively click the WhatsApp icon bottom right and pop me a little message 🤗 it’s always lovely to chat! Thank you so much 💕

Until next time,

Hannah xx

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