It’s all about those medals!


Hope you’re all doing ok! I cannot believe we are in July! Can you believe it?

How was June been for you?

For me, it had been incredibly busy working on some of the most beautiful orders, I am so thankful and grateful to each and every order I receive so thank you!

I have been busy researching new design ideas during June and I am happy to say they will be making an appearance during this month! Eeeeekkkk so excited!!!

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Anyhowwww moving onā€¦ this blog post is allllll about my beautiful Medal Holders! They deserve some love and they have been really popular with you recently which is ahhhh-mazing!!!

Medal Holders make a wonderful gift, perfect for birthdays or christmas presents or simply just becauseā€¦.

I have done quite a few since I launched them and I have to say I do love them! There are so many colours to chose from and of course glitter!! Glitter on the text is optional.

Did you know, Medal Holders are all designed and cut right here at Pixies Attic

Check out my paint colour chart & glitter chartā€¦ and further down if you need some inspiration, you will be able to see some I have completed for my wonderful customers!

As you can see there are quite a few colours and I know it can be hard to decide sometimes Haha, so here are some I have completedā€¦

You don’t have to have a name on the medal holder, you can add:

Football and so on.

One of the other reasons I love these Medal Holders is because they are suitable for all ages and for both boys and girls. Even for adults too!

A perfect way to display those well deserved medals for all to see, they really are beautiful!

Before I forget, here is a photo of one of my medal holders in their new home. It’s always lovely to see them once they have arrived at their destination!

Plus check this out, here is one being cut on my machine!

Please feel free to comment below or if you have any questions please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!

As we approach the end I would just like to say thank you for reading & I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post!

Medal Holders can be found here:

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If you want abit more further information about the Wish List, I wrote a blog post all about itā€¦ you can find it here:

Until next time, take care & stay safe!

Wishing you all a fabulous month for July!

See you soon!

Hannah xx

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