It’s official… school’s out for Summer!

Helloooo there!

I hope you’ve been keeping well? Well as you can guess the school holidays have officially begun here! Both of mine finished school yesterday and there was a lot of excitement! However this morning when Freya came downstairs, there were tears of sadness as I think the reality hit that she will no longer see her infant school teachers anymore. It made me so sad seeing Freya so upset, buttttt I know the excitement will come back for her when she starts her first day at Junior School! Luckily a lot of her class are going to the same Juniors and also they will still be together for Year 3 which is absolutely amazing!

At the mo Freya is currently happy on video call to her friends whilst playing Roblox with them so I saw the opportunity to hop on and write my blog post haha.

Sooooo on the last week of school I have been quite busy getting orders completed, however I won’t lie I did start to slowwww down as you will know it has been incredibly hot mannn, I have been sweating loads it wasn’t pretty haha. I think I would have coped better with the heat if there was a nice breeze to go along with it, however there was none! I think us brits are used to wet and windy weather aren’t we haha. We are forecast for rain this weekend and you know what, I welcome it with open arms haha, I will probably even sit in it!

Lots of orders have been coming in for Unicorn Signs, Mountain Signs, Ducks, Medal Holders and quite recently, Reindeers! My last blog post was about my Reindeers as I dedicated my July Product Spotlight solely for them so I won’t really talk about them much in this one haha. I f you haven’t read that blog post you can grab it here… Click me!

One recent order I completed was for a little boy called Edward. I was asked if the Deer could be changed to a bear and as you know, if I can do it I will! It is so much easier now that I have my own machine as I can design and also tweak some of my designs which is such a huge help! Here is a pic of the Woodland Sign, showing both Deer and also an adaption with a Bear instead.

I do need to add a variation for the bear version as I think it looks cute! Anddddd it really is perfect for those little boys. If you want to have a proper look and read a bit more about it then here is the link… Click me!

As I said above, Medal Holders have really became hot with you and I will admit it’s not hard to see why if I’m honest. Medal Holders were really an Underdog, however they have really caught your eye recently! Here is one I have just dispatched…

There is also a blog post I recently wrote about them too, if you haven’t checked it out here is the link. Medal Holder Blog Post

Also Medal Holders can be found here too! Click me!

Lastly though, I really really want to show you these haha. I just absolutely love this Gnome! Both the Gnome and Reindeer Shelfie have now headed off to their new home…

If you have made it to the end I just want to say thank you! It really does make my day knowing you come on over here to read me babble for a few minutes haha.

I hope you have a wonderful summer, taking lots of pictures and making memories!

As always

Stay safe & Take care,

Hannah xx

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