June Product Spotlight

I definitely had to choose these gorgeous set of Giraffes for this months Product Spotlight!
They are one of my favourites, just imagine these in your little ones nursery. How fabulous they will look!
Even better you can choose your own colours for each Giraffe too. Colour charts can be viewed on Etsy in my listing. 

These first came about as a local customer (who was pregnant at the time) asked me if I could do giraffes. She sent me some pictures of a style she liked and I tracked some down! Unfortunately due to a problem with the supplier, I designed my own and my husband cut them. How amazing do they look though!!

This is the set which was initially done…

Seriously though how adorable do they look ??

Recently they have been incredibly popular with you on Etsy too which is amazing.

One of the main reasons I chose these for this month is because I never get to show them off much and they really do deserve some love!

I hope you love them as much as I do, had so much fun creating them.

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