Just add it to your Wish List…


I know what you’re thinking… two blog posts in 1 month what??!! Haha.

Well I decided to do one solely about the fabulous WISH LIST that is on my website, some of you may have seen it some not.
However hopefully you will know more once you get to the end!

Whilst my beautiful website was being created by the lovely Laura over at Laura Morris Digital https://lauramorrisdigital.co.uk/ I asked if it was possible to add a Wish List onto it. Main reason is I really really love a Wish List and I know a few of you do too!

When you come across one of my items you will see it says ‘Add to Wishlist’ like this…

and you can add as many as you wish to! See what I did there Haha.

Then if you would like to see what you’ve added, simply go to the menu and select Wishlist. and there like magic is all the items you have added!

What I love about the Wish List is that for example, if you only wanted to order 1 or 2 items from it you can! Just find the item in your Wish List and simply ‘Add to cart’ how cool is that!!!

The benefit of YOU having a WISH LIST is that mainly it SAVES YOU SO MUCH TIME!!! If you are always busy like myself, time is something you never have much of Haha. Plus it saves you searching trying to find what it was you was looking for! And if you’re definitely like me, I tend to get frustrated and just leave it Haha.

Wish Lists are brilliant, use them for any occasion on here!!
For example, say you have a friend who is expecting and you would love to order a gift from me… You can add the ones you like to your Wish List and it keeps them safe and then later on you can have a look and decide which one you would like to ‘Add to cart’.
Works the same for Birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & Christmas! Or even if you wanted to add something to it so you can show your friend later!

If you haven’t done so already go check it out!

What will you add to your Wish List…

Until next time,

Stay safe, take care and have a wonderful Christmas.

Hannah xx

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