Learning Curve…

Howdi 👋

I’m back with another weekly dose of my blog!

As you may have guessed from the title it’s about .. ‘Learning curve’

I would say the biggest learning curve would have to be my laser machine! I can use it an absolute breeze now butttt I found it extremely intimidating initially Haha. It’s a beast of a machine believe me and I found it quite daunting when I first got it. Thank goodness I had my husband taking the reins on it at first! There is alot to remember to do before you hit that cut button! Things like making sure the laser is at the right height to cut a particular thickness of wood. Changing the settings if I’m cutting wood or acrylic. Making sure the fans are on and the pump etc etc. The list is endless Haha.

I needed to learn how the software worked and get myself familiar with it, how to save my files, how to import them. Change my sketches into a format that would work on my laser software. It isn’t just a case of the laser simply cuts my designs Haha, there is so much more that is involved and that takes time.

However the learning never stops and that’s with everything! We are never finished learning. I am always learning, always striving to be better than I was the day before. Gaining all the knowledge I can so I can better myself and that’s what I tell my children too.

Here is a photo of me with the biggest learning curve to date 🤣 (I need an updated photo) and I am sure you will agree, I create some beautiful makes with this beauty!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this one!

Until next week, take care

Hannah xx

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