Let the Festivities commence, what a year!

Let the festivities begin! (More so when the kids have finished for Christmas!)

Whoop whoop I am pleased to say that all my customer orders are complete and have now arrived at their new home!!!

I cannot tell you how happy I am, it’s been a tiring and stressful few weeks since my little dog Macey passed away (see my last blog post here: My best friend, Macey (pixiesattic.co.uk) ) I’m doing ok but still have quite a few bad days. House is so strange and I really miss her very much.

I had a little panic as my blade for my machine had gone blunt. Me thinking I had a spare, went to get it and realising my spare was actually in my machine blunt! Post seemed to take sooooo long too for it to get to me and it felt like an eternity until my blade arrived! It set me back a couple of days which was a bit of a nightmare! However, all my orders have been dispatched. Phew!

It’s the start of a brand new week (well it was yesterday haha) and kiddies are at school & college! I’m currently sat chilling on my sofa with my usual daily dose(s) of coffee and I’m thinking… how crazy has this year been?! So much has happened and it has kind of passed by in a bit of a blur hasn’t it. The things we would always take for granted suddenly hit you didn’t it. Seeing family and popping to your mates for a cuppa and a chat. Hopefully next year will be better for us eh!

My little girl Freya has loved been back at school, my other two not so much Haha. Freya did the yearly Christingle at school recently and of course it was different to how it would usually be. No candle , no singing. I’m surprised at how well Freya has adjusted to the new ‘normal’ and I am incredibly proud of her to be honest. Of course, she misses singing at school etc, but she has never complained about it. One thing she has said though is that she hopes the virus has gone when it’s her birthday as she would love a party! Bless her.

On a another note… Christmas! Who is ready? Are you looking forward to it? I’m pleased to say I have completed present buying woohoo! I do still need to wrap them mind Haha but I also need to show my husband the gifts I have bought for the kiddies as I did all the shopping, he doesn’t even know what I’ve bought!
I think some of us women just get organised and sort everything out don’t we? My husband only ever really has to buy presents for me haha. I have surprised myself though as normally I tend to always be last minute present buying, but this year I have been on the ball!

It feels nice having time to unwind before the kids finish school for Christmas. It feels a bit strange not rushing around working on orders! I have kept myself busy though… if you follow me on social media you will know that I have been a busy bee tidying the house one room at a time! I need to do something, I’m not one for sitting on my bum doing nothing at all. Although I do have a day planned for watching some movies on my own with my snuggle blanket before they break up! I give myself permission to do that because all year I haven’t stopped so it is definitely well deserved! I will let you in on a little secret though… I am itching to get back in my work room haha

I have had quite a few messages asking about the fabulous Christmas Reindeer’s, I am closed for orders until after Christmas butttttt you can still add to the Wishlist. It will keep your items safe until you are ready to order or when I reopen. Totally up to you!

***washer beeps***

I best get motivated really and get this washing out of the washing machine and hopefully my hoover has charged a bit! I am also thinking I should start wrapping my husbands presents while he is at work! So much to do eh haha.

I just want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, and thank you for stopping by to read my blog. Me just babbling on as always haha

Until next time…

Take care & stay safe xx

Lots of love, Hannah x

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