Crikey how did we get half way through November so quick?

This blog post is more on a personal note, November hasn’t been too much of a great month for me at all.

Where to start?

A few had noticed I hadn’t been active for a few days on social media and I was receiving messages asking me if I was ok. I did tell a couple of people as to why I wasn’t around… the world and time stopped for me.

My little dog Macey who I have had the absolute pleasure of having for the last 8 years sadly passed away in my arms on the way to the vet.

She hadn’t been poorly either until one particular day I noticed her breathing slightly quicker than usual.
We contacted the vets and they wanted to see her straight away, so we took her. Other than her breathing quick, she soon perked to life as soon as we got in the car! Tail wagging and watching cars etc passing us by Haha, that was typical of Macey!

The vet came out to us and asked us some questions and he had an idea that Macey could have Pyometra (uterus infection) he took her in and did some checks and did a little scan. Soon later, he came out and said we needed to take her to another surgery for an emergency operation, which we did.

Later that evening they rang to tell us they couldn’t do the operation as there was problems with Macey’s breathing. They had a look and found she had fluid around her lungs. They sent a sample to be tested to see what kind it was and that came back inconclusive. Meanwhile Macey came home, back to her usual happy self but she soon had to go back as her breathing quickened again. Again they drained more fluid from her. (This photo was taken after she came back from the vets the first time, they had to shave both sides of her)


We got her an urgent referral to Paragon Vets in Wakefield to see the specialists over there, so we took her and she was right as rain for the whole drive! She was honestly back to her normal self.
She was going there to have a scan to see what was causing the fluid to keep appearing and unfortunately they found something I really didn’t want. A tumour on the base of her heart that measured approximately 3-4cm. Now Macey was only small so that was quite big! I gave them permission to take a sample so they can send off to see what type of tumour it was and we brought a heavily sedated Macey home on that Tuesday night. The next day on the Wednesday my husband had to take Macey back to the vets as her breathing quickened again, they helped her and made her more comfortable and then the Thursday evening we was able to bring her home. We was given the news that the tumour wasn’t the one we all hoped and to make her comfortable. I thought I had longer with her but the next day she kept looking at me and I knew. I couldn’t accept Macey wasn’t going to be with me anymore. I had her by my side for just over 8 years, I told her everything. She was by my side through happy times and sad times and she gave the worlds best cuddles. She was my best friend. Macey was one in a million.

My husband made the call to the vets on that Friday to let them know we would be taking her, but on the way that felt like the longest drive ever she passed away in my arms.

For me to be perky and happy on my social media was and has been really hard and I understand the world doesn’t stop for everyone but it did for me. It still sort of has and Macey passed away 2 weeks ago. My home feels strange and I really really miss her. None of it still feels real if that makes sense. We are currently waiting to hear back from the vet as we wanted to bring Macey back home after she was cremated. Feels like a lifetime waiting for that call.

I have another little dog Bella. She misses Macey too, they were like two peas in a pod! Bella was really Macey’s as she tended to mother her quite alot. Wherever Macey went in the house, Bella was right there too.

Bella & Macey

I’ve been busy getting my head down working on orders and if it hadn’t been for alot of you waiting on your orders, I think I would have just spent my time being constantly sad and in tears. Life goes on for everyone, the world and time continues and I’m doing my best I really am.

To alot people, it’s a dog but Macey wasn’t just a dog. She was my best friend, and my heart has been left broken.

Time is a healer they say but I’m taking it day by day, that’s all I can do isn’t it?

If you got to the end thank you for sticking with me, I really appreciate it xx

Take care, stay safe & lots of love,
Hannah xx

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