July Product Spotlight

I had to choose my beautiful Family of Christmas Reindeers as this months Product Spotlight! 
Lots of you went crazy last year for them, we sold out extremely quick and had quite a few restocks! Me and my husband were like little elves in the workshop Haha. It is a team effort as my husband cuts them and I work my magic and as you can see they are simply stunning!
The reindeers are my absolute favourite for christmas and I actually have a set too (it’s very rare I get to make myself something haha but these are just something else!)
My Reindeer Families are available as a family of 2 right up to a family of 9. 
There is something new this year though with the reindeers… 
Families with members of 6 onwards are made slightly differently as they can be quite long and I worry about them being damaged during their journey to you, plus they will be easier to store away every year and also keeps the postage cost down for you too.
Initially we were trying to design them so they interlocked, however it didn’t go to plan haha… even so at least we did try!
The larger families are now made in 2 halves, accompanied with a latch at the back. That way you have the option to keep them separated or keep them together. For example, if you had a centre piece and wanted them either side you can detach them. Photos are added so you can see.
As an example:A family of 8 would have 4 on one and 4 on the other and a latch at the back. 
A family of 6 would have 3 on one and 3 on the other with a latch at the back and so on.
*** The latch acts as a connector piece, when handling please hold at each end of the reindeers ***
Here is a family of 8 together, with a view of the back:

All Reindeer Families can be personalised with names in your choice of colour! Choose the Glitter for your antlers and I will also close match the vinyl text unless you state you would love a different colour. 
I have lost count how many my husband has cut, but here are a few for you to see for some inspiration on colours and sets…

A paw can be added at no extra cost with your pets name. A maximum of 2 paws can be added but only 1 name will fit on each***I do advise if you have more than 2 pets that the paws are left blank with no names entered as I am unable to fit on**
These sets do sell very quickly and I can only say, please don’t leave it too late before ordering as I would hate for you to miss out on these beauties!

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