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Helloooo 2022 🎉

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you!

Welcome back to my blog! I’m so happy you stopped by…

Soooo for this blog post, I decided to do another introduction on how Pixies Attic started. It’s the start of the New Year so I thought it would be a good idea!

Let’s get started…

I started Pixies Attic almost 4 years ago and it’s been an amazing journey believe me. If someone told me I’d be where I am now back then, there is no way I would have believed them! Before starting my business, meeting my husband and having Freya I was a single mum to Abi & Kayden. I had an amazing job, I was a Medical Secretary which I absolutely loved.

Initially Pixies Attic began in my little kitchen. My first items I made were little fairy doors and they were absolutely adorable! Perfect for little girls and boys to display in their bedrooms above the skirting boards. Absolutely magical! 🌟

I decided to call my business Pixies Attic and the reason why was because Pixie (I am quite small really 🤣) and Attic because you find a few bits in the Attic plus I have always wanted my office in the Attic! So I put them both together ~ Pixies Attic.

My youngest daughter Freya was quite small at the time when I started Pixies Attic and unfortunately I was battling with a mix of anxiety and depression not long after she was born. I was quite the overthinker and my mind used to always think the worst in anything and everything. But one day it all changed.

When I’m painting and designing new items it takes me to a whole different mindset which was a saviour! I always say that Pixies Attic saved me, it really did and still does to this day. Everything changed that day.

People loved my fairy doors, I was selling loads! It gave me much needed confidence and my mindset changed from feeling useless, depressed and being an anxious wreck to becoming much more positive. I am thankful and grateful for that every single day.

Fast forward from then to now… so much has happened! I married my best friend, we have a lovely home (we are currently saving a deposit so we can buy our own home) and one of the best bits (work wise) I don’t have to rely on any suppliers for my items. Last year I was fortunate enough to buy my own laser machine! I never thought that was going to be possible but I kept believing in myself and it happened! My anxiety is still there in the background but it’s not as prominent as it was. When it was really bad it just took over my entire life, it controlled me. Now I have more focus and structure to my days and I feel alot more positive than I used to that’s for sure!

I hope you enjoyed this little story of how it all began for me… if anything it has taught me how grateful I am for how my life changed and things turned around. You just have to believe and you’re half way there 🤗

Keep your eyes out for my next blog post next week 👀

Until next time my loves,

Hannah xx

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