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Howdi 👋🏻

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week so far and ready for the weekend!

It’s been the usual here, designing, cutting, painting, making boxes and wrapping orders… my weeks seem to go by so quick honestly!

Anyway… this blog post is allll about my work space! In this blog post you will get to see where I work on your pretty orders.

When I first started I worked in the kitchen. Then I moved into the front room and at one point my bedroom haha. For the last 3 years I work in my very own work room which I absolutely love! We recently painted the walls in there in December, initially it had dark terracotta walls and it just looked miserable! (it was painted in terracotta when we moved here) and I am glad to see the back of it haha. It wasn’t a nice vibe to work in if I’m honest so was pleased when my husband helped me sort it!

Now though, it looks nice and fresh and I am still in the process of organising alot of my stuff, however it is loads better now! (On a side note, I am still organising so please excuse some of the mess in the photos… it’s a work in progress haha)

I really love working in here now plus everything I need is around me so definitely less stressful!

As you can see I have an area where I design and print my orders, another for cutting all my orders and then a bigger area for my working on orders and wrapping them. It flows so nice in there now.

I still need to add a few more bits in there like pretty fairy lights, some inspirational prints, large paper flowers, a nice cushion for my chair etc. But they will be added gradually… Rome wasn’t built in a day 🤣

But for now… I absolutely love it! Only good vibes here now 🎉

At least you can see where your pretty orders are made 🥰 I will add updated photos once I’ve added my extra finishing touches! It’s going to look fabulous 😍

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post, I will be back next week for your next dose Haha

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Take care,

Hannah xx

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