New for 2022…


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas 🎄 this bit between Christmas & New Year is like Chrimbo Limbo isn’t it 🤣 not quite sure what day it is 🙈

As you hopefully may have seen I currently have a sale on which will be ending New Year Eve 🎉🎊 it’s the perfect time to grab those reindeers especially if you missed out before I closed.

Reindeers will not be available until July 2022 as of 31st December 2021 🦌

This blog post is just to say that for 2022 a couple of new things will be happening!

So firstly, some new designs will be making an appearance 😍😍 I am so excited anddddd a little bit nervous Haha. But I am sure you will love them!!

Also, another new thing is that my blog posts will be regular. Every Friday morning at 7.30am to be precise! Reason why I know it will be at 7.30am every Friday morning is because I will be writing my blog posts on a Thursday evening and then I will schedule them to be published for the next morning! 😉 That way you always know the day and time… however if you would like a reminder when a new blog post is live, sign up to my newsletter here:

Just a heads up… the blog posts that I will be writing is basically a meet the maker style. Getting to know me more and also about Pixies Attic. Behind the scenes, work in progress, the design process etc. Anything & everything to do with my small business (and me haha).

This is me – only not as glam 🤣

These blog posts will give you abit more of an insight to what I do and what I’m about and I am sure you will love them! So please tune in when they are published 🤗

For me, 2022 is going to be a super organised year! I have goals/wishes wrote down ready and I am so excited to be bringing you some new designs! Plus the blog posts I have planned for you… it’s going to be fabulous! I’m just so happy to share all this with you.

I personally would like to wish you a Happy New Year and I hope many blessings come your way in 2022 🎊

See you in 2022 my loves!

P.s next blog post will be live on Saturday 1st January 2022 (it’s only on a Saturday as a one off due to the first day of the new year 😅)

Hannah xx

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