One of a Kind..

Happy end of the week guys!

Hope it’s been a good week for you! It’s been a busy one here and I am glad the weekend is in sight!!

This weeks dose of blogging is just like it says in the title ‘One of a kind’

As I always say… if you’re looking something uniquely beautiful then you’re in the right place! Everything and I mean everything is made here at Pixies Attic on my laser and another machine that my husband uses.

I strive to always create something that you don’t see anywhere else and if you happen to see anything I have created from someone else… you will have seen it here first 🤣

I love that I can create something unique just for you and that’s why I love it when I am asked to create something different from time to time. I can generally tweak my designs to suit you. For example; if you don’t want a geo bear on the Mountain Sign, you would prefer a dinosaur- I can do that! If you want your reindeer family to go in the sequence of Adult, Child, Adult, Child – I can do that too! Because everything is designed and cut here I can change to suit you. After all, I am making these for you. So I will always do my upmost best to do it!

I am honest and trustworthy and I know that my customers will tell you the exact same! So much care goes into each order. Everything is made to order and generally one of the perks is that you see it being cut aswell! I generally do videos of how your order looks before being cut, then it cutting, then another when it’s out of the laser and then once it is fully painted by me. I am so proud that I can do that, that’s such a huge achievement for me. Plus it’s a nice extra touch for you to be able to see that too don’t you think?

Once your order is completed and packaged up for you I always send your orders fully tracked. That way you can see the full journey of your order from me to you! I always add a little note to say Thank you for ordering with me and these little notes are written just before I tape up your box. I am always so grateful for your orders I truly appreciate each one.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post!

Until next time, take care

Hannah xx

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