Pixies Attic is 3 Today!


I hope the New Year has started off fantastic for you! It has here… I turned 37 on the 4th January & today I am celebrating my little business birthday! 3 years! Crikey! It has flown honestly and my business has grown so much! I was sat thinking about how much I have grown as a person since I created Pixies Attic. Abit of reflection you would call it Haha. Started off making some fairy doors 3 years ago & to look at me now! Crazy. I would have never imagined it. However it’s a huge thank you to you, as Pixies Attic wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for you. So thank you!

As some of you may know I reopened for orders yesterday woohoo!! So many had messaged me after Christmas wanting to order but I work all year so I was definitely enjoying my time off spent with my little family. And it has been blooming marvellous! My head has never felt so clear, just to relax and enjoy the here and now. You know what I mean don’t you.

I did have moments of withdrawal though I won’t lie Haha. When you’re used to working every single day then to not it is quite strange! I did sneak into my work room to get it all cleaned and tidy ready for when I reopened plus I mentioned in my last blog post that I worked my magic & made some newbies! I will add them further down so you can have a nosey. I do love them and I hope you do too (fingers crossed)

Now that Christmas & New Year celebrations have left us… it doesn’t stop for us small businesses let me tell you Haha. I have to plan for Easter & Mother’s Day as they are the next celebrations upon us. I do the odd item for Valentine’s Day and I will attach a couple of newbies further down for you. Again there are only a couple, but I do take requests & do my best to help so don’t be shy to ask! Just don’t leave it too late Haha. We all know what day Valentine’s is don’t we…

So without further ado I shall show you some newness! Everyone loves abit of newness don’t they…

First to show you is… (if you subscribe to my emails you will have already seen this item)

Little Miss Mermaid Money Box

Next are these and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!


And a couple for Valentine’s Day…

They are now live on the website but I will add them at the end so when you click the links, they should magically transport you to them. I really hope you love them as much as I do! Plus there are a few other items on the website for Valentine’s Day, head over to https://pixiesattic.co.uk/product-category/seasonal/ to have a look.

Until next time…

Take care & Stay safe,

Hannah xx

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