Unicorn Wall/Door Plaque – January Product Spotlight

One of my absolute favourites!

This Personalised Unicorn Wall/Door Plaque is 25cm and is available with holes already drilled ready for you to hang or it can be ordered without. A smaller size of 20cm is available upon request, however I do advise the 20cm suit solely one name.

If you haven’t came across my Product Spotlight Blog posts before, basically what it’s all about is that I choose to talk about one of my beautiful items and also the story behind it. Gives you abit more info about a particular item of mine…

Since I launched this beauty in August 2018 it has been one of my bestsellers ever since!
It really is such a stunning piece and I am incredibly proud of it. When I first launched this beauty, the first one I made was for my little girl Freya. Freya was obsessed with Unicorns at the time (she is still Haha and Mermaids!) and this piece was created based on how a then 4 year old little girl wanted it to look! I think we had the design spot on because it has been soooo popular with so many of you!

Did you know… including the circle back piece and one name, there are 26 pieces altogether! All the embellishments are individually hand painted by me and then glittered. These ones do take a while to make, as you can see alot of the pieces are layered and it does look absolutely stunning once completed!

I have lost count how many I have made, but I will say that I am so grateful and blessed to have made them for your little darlings. Honestly, I am still blown away with the attention these have had and are still getting!

I mean what little girl doesn’t love Unicorns right? I even love them Haha. Plus these look so pretty on your little girls bedroom door! They are definitely eye catching and so easy to fall in love with don’t you think? Makes me wish I was a little girl again, I would have loved one of these that said ‘Hannah’s Room’ haha. Wouldn’t you?

Believe it or not but the signs aren’t too heavy, so you are able to attach command strips on the back of them if you preferred not to have holes added. ( I do add ribbon ready for hanging if you was to have holes, so it is ready to hang straight up as soon as you receive it) I do recommend that if you add command strips to the back, add them at the top and at the bottom. It is completely upto you how you add the command strips but that’s my recommendation.

Here are just a few I have done, I think if I uploaded alllll of them my blog post would just solely be filled with these beautiful signs Haha. Mind you, that wouldn’t be a bad thing would it Haha.

One of the things that frustrates me though is that I am so dependent on the weather so I can capture beautiful photos of them, hence why some of the images may be slightly darker!

On that note, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them and I hope you like the photos I have added! The Unicorn Wall/Door Plaques can be found here : Unique Personalised Unicorn Wall/Door Plaque

Thanks for reading, it’s always appreciated! You are more than welcome to leave a comment on here aswell…

Until next time,

Stay safe & Take care,

Hannah xx

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