What day is it?!

Helloooo how is everyone?

It’s currently early morning here at the time of writing this post and the house is completely silent (the kiddies are still snoring away) so I’m enjoying the quietness with a nice hot cuppa! I’m not sat on my own though as my little dog is sat next to me dreaming, making some weird sounds Haha. I think she’s dreaming that she is finally standing up to our cat, Myla haha. Generally my little dog Bella is scared of our cat! The cat is bigger than Bella and she rules the roost! Bella won’t even walk past her 🙈. Do you have any pets? Is/Are your dog(s) scared of your cat(s)? You are more than welcome to leave a comment on this blog post too!
I think she knows I am talking about her (Bella that is) as she’s just woke herself up and is looking at me Haha. Aww look at her…

So last weekend was the bank holiday weekend and it threw me off with days, always happens on a bank holiday oh and the chrimbo limbo period Haha. Tuesday felt like a Monday! And I was always a day behind for the rest of the week Haha.

I have been getting really organised and I have printed myself a new timetable list (got to love a list eh haha) and it’s based on like a 4 week rotation style. Running a business isn’t as easy as some may think. It’s not just me sat there painting wood, no way Haha there is sooooo much more. If you read my last blog post, I listed quite a few bits that have to be done. So I designed myself a rotation list so I can keep track and I can keep on top of everything!

Do you like to be organised? I do haha. Nothing more satisfying than ticking off things on my to do list!

On another note, it’s been all systems go here at Pixies Attic! Some new designs are in the pipeline and I cannot wait to show you them!!! I did a sample cut of a new design last weekend and I have now finished painting it up! If you’re on my list to receive my emails then you will have already seen the new sign and also the snail 😍 Buttttt keep your eyes peeled because the new name sign is going to feature in my May Product Spotlight Blog! To keep in the loop, make sure you sign up to my newsletters (link is further down)

Anyhowwwww I best get myself washed and dressed which I’m hoping I’ll feel abit more awake when I’ve done that Haha. Oh and another coffee of course ☕

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Until next time take care,
Hannah xx

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