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Bonjour allll 👋

Hope you’re all well! I’ve been a busy bee working on some orders this week and I’ve finally sat down for the day! It’s currently Thursday night and as you know I write my blog posts ready for publishing on a Friday morning 💕

Soooo this weeks blog post (you’ll probably have guessed by the title 🤣) is ‘What I love to make’.

I have actually struggled to choose just one thing as I love to make all my items for you Haha.

Butttt if I had to pick just one it would have to be.. drum roll please…

…my fabulous Ducks in Wellies 🦆 I just love everything about them! My husband cuts them for me on the machine he uses and then I work my magic on them 🌟

I love making the hats that go on their little heads andddd I absolutely love the colours that get chosen for them by you! For the past few years I have been desperate to make myself a set but I can never decide on a colour Haha. I tend to see ones that customers have chosen and I think yesssss I will do mine the same Haha but then another order will come in with different colours and I think the same! I don’t know how you decide 🤷‍♀️ I have such a hard time 🤣

Ducks can be personalised on their little tags that are around their necks, however this is completely optional. I have done orders for them and a note is attached to say ‘no tags please’ which is never a problem. Just the twine will be tied in a cute bow minus the tags.

The most popular colour choice for sets of ducks are definitely the greys. Grey seems to never go out of style and to be honest, the greys would tend to go with any colour decor in your home I’ve found.

However, I have done some that look absolutely amazing in bold colours!

Have a look at these… 😍

I will add a link to where these are on my website, that way you can see the fabulous colour choices I have for wool & paint colours!

Find them here… Ducks in Wellies plus I currently have a sale on this month too!! Just enter FEBRUARY at the checkout 🌸

These Ducks make such great gifts, and they are loved by so many of you! Here are a few ideas:

🌸 Gift for Mother’s Day

🌸 Gift for New Home/Housewarming

🌸 Wedding Gift (Mrs & Mrs, Mr & Mr, Mr & Mrs)

🌸 Anniversary Gift

🌸 Birthday Gift

🌸 Father’s Day Gift

🌸 New Baby Gift

🌸 Or simply if you wanted to treat yourself 😉

They are such fun & unique gifts for all ages!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks blog post! I have enjoyed sharing with you which is my favourite item to make (it was soooo hard to choose believe me 🤣)

But I would love to know from you… which is your favourite Pixies Attic item?🤔

Let me know in the comments below 🤗

ps. I have a sale on throughout February so it’s the perfect time to order yours 🌸

Until next week, take care

Hannah xx

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