Woodland Deer Mountain Sign


How’s everyone been doing? Hope you’ve been keeping well?

It’s that time again for a Monthly Spotlight and for May I have chosen one of my NEW items 😍 It’s the Woodland Deer Name Sign! Isn’t it gorgeous!!! Now if you are on my email list or in my Facebook Group then you will have already seen this!

If this is the first time visiting one of my Product Spotlight Blog Posts, I would just like to say welcome!!! I am so happy you stopped by today! Product Spotlights are generally where I choose one of my products and then I waffle on about it Haha. No seriously though, I like to tell the story behind it etc and why I have added it to my range! So grab yourself a cuppa and let’s get started…

I chose to create a new style name sign once my machine had arrived and I had gotten used to using it, and I had been itching to create one for a boy!

I always find that sometimes there isn’t much selection for boys (it’s not just me who thinks that is it?!) and I really wanted to add another one to my range. I had been searching and sampling new designs and I came across this file and immediately loved it! I knew it was the one! I love everything about it honestly, the 3D effect it has and the colours it just kind of brings it to life! I got abit artistic on the trees etc Haha and attempted ‘blending’ and I’m really proud of how it turned out! It has a couple of layers on this design and the layers just add more depth to the design. While I am talking about layers, you have the circle back piece, then the mountain and woodland layer and then the next layer which is more woodland and lastly the deer!

One of the hardest things was deciding on a font for this name sign. It took me hours 😂 and I think the one I chose suits it really really well, what do you think?

It’s a really good size and it measures 25cm which is the same size as all my other name signs so it is perfect for displaying on bedroom doors!

Makes a perfect addition to your little boys nursery, especially if their nursery or bedroom is adventure/explorer or woodland themed! It’s perfect for those little explorers!

Colour can be changed on the background too, I have a beautiful selection of colours for you to choose from…

You don’t even have to have a name either, nor do you have to place them on bedroom doors!

For example, in your little boys nursery you may have a baby changing unit and some wall space behind it. Some add arrows for example and also a wall hanging and say you choose my new sign, you could add the wording ‘Adventure Awaits’ or ‘Little Explorer’ instead. Or perhaps some wall space behind your crib/cot? If I don’t have the colour you require, then please pop me a message. There should be a Whatsapp icon to your right to contact me, however if you don’t use Whatsapp you are more than welcome to email me at pixiesatticgifts@gmail.com. Another idea is for example say for instance you love this sign but find think that the 25cm isn’t big enough and you would much prefer 30cm or 35cm sign instead, then you are more than welcome to ask me. I am always here to answer any questions you may have.

As always I will repeat what you’ve just read haha and say if you do have any questions or would like anymore information please get in touch.

If you would like a closer look at this Woodland Deer Mountain Sign, you can take a look here: https://pixiesattic.co.uk/product/woodland-deer-mountain-sign/

Until next time,
take care

Hannah xx

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